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PostSubject: Team Icecon   Team Icecon Icon_minitimeMon May 28, 2007 2:36 pm

Welcome to ICECON

Table of Contents
I Intro
II Rules
III Ranks
IV Uniform
V Meetings
VII Allies and Enemies

I Intro

Long ago, in the good old times of Club Penguin, a fierce hacker and hitpenguin named Pinkmafias arrived.
At first, she hacked, one of the first to do so. Then, she formed a secret organization called the UMA.
As more and more people joined the UMA, it was no longer a secret. Pinkmafias no longer had to support the army; 1/4 of the entire population was UMA.

The UMA is filled with nasty cheaters and savage hackers, much like Pinkmafias herself.
The world of Club Penguin is slowly going downhill, losing the fun, being controlled by UMAs everywhere you waddle.

One day, a normal day, two penguins named Kogeck and hellopayton were at the member party and saw UMAs huddled in a corner. Payton and I started a small force of penguins called Icecons to riot against the UMA for a good laugh.
Then, many joined, making the force an army.
The war was long, and many quit. But not the Icecons. More soldiers joined, and more snowballs were thrown.
Finally, many UMAS surrendered, and eventually their leader did also.
The war was over.
The Icecons, AKA the Anti Umas, had the victory.
II Rules

Hopefully the true story above has inspired you to join this fast growing army of normal penguins, trying to change the world of Club Penguin.
Here are some rules to follow when in or planning to enter the army.

-We don't fight for laughs and giggles, we fight to protect and save Club Penguin, our only home.
-You can't be a party of the UMA, or any of it's allies.
-You cannot leave in the middle of a battle and join the opposing team's army.
-Please fill out this form to join. |
-This is the Icecons. /
Penguin Name
Penguin Age (If over 1 year, say 1 year, _ days)
Experience? Y/N
Have at least 3 of the required items? Y/N
Why you are joining


1 year, 22 days
To beat the UMA and save Club Penguin

III Ranks

Now that you have joined, here are the ranks for the Icecons (Greatest to least)





You must listen to the generals' orders, and respect and salute any rank higher than you.
To gain a rank, you can do one of many things
-Spy on UMAs
-Participate in a war (Proof: upload a screenshot of you in the war)
-Invade a base
-Go on a mission

Gaining a rank means you have new responsibilities each time.

IV Uniforms

Blue cap
Black sneakers
Black sunglasses

Captain's Coat
Blue cap
Black sneakers
Black sunglasses

Blue cap
Black sneakers
Black sunglasses


V Meetings

We don't have meetings often, on Fridays at 6:00pm ET, and Saturday, same time. When school is over for the summer, there will be meetings more often.

At meetings, we practice, train, and promote.

VI Allies and Enemies

Our biggest enemy, of course is the UMA.
-Any UMA allies



Lets try to make Club Penguin a better place to play and live in.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Icecon   Team Icecon Icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2007 9:23 pm

I will join this cluib! Team Icecon 692803 Team Icecon 48052 UFO
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Team Icecon
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